Monday, March 14, 2016

Actorcise - ThursdayMarch 17th

Hey Guys.

There will be an Actorcise this Wednesday the 17th from 11am to 1pm.

I wanna allow more time for each actor, so I am gonna try limiting the size of Actorcise to 10 people. This is why I am changing the price to 15 bucks. I know. I know. But it has been 10 bucks for five years, and though the size of 16 is invigorating and fun, it is also exhausting for me, and the actors can end up feeling rushed.

As always, don't just show up. 
Please email me if you are planning on coming, and wait for confirmation:
I will send you details the night before.
Cheers. Ted

$15 Actorcise - the practice of cold reading for the camera.
Limited to 10 people
This Wednesday March 17th at 11am

Blanche/Rooney Studio
305 SE 3rd, 4th floor
Portland, OR 97214
(Allow 10 minutes for parking)

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