Sunday, August 7, 2016

September Classes

**On Camera Acting I - 8 weeks (Limited to 10 actors).
Dates: September 14th - November 2nd
Time: Wednesdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm
The cost is $295 (sliding scale to $240 for those on a tight budget) 
I have added a class, so the price has been upped a bit
A $75 dollar deposit holds a spot. Refunded only up to 48 hours before the first class. 
The balance ($175) is due by the second class, after which there is no refund.
Mailing address for check payments, below. 
Checks are preferred, but Paypal (ask for my account address - it is not this one. Use Friend or Family option)
and Square (3% surcharge) payments are accepted.

Beginning with improv and easing into scripted scene work, this is a relaxed,
fun approach to getting comfortable in front of the camera. 
The objective of the class is to establish the foundations of a process that emphasizes
simply listening and talking - being "in your skin" - as opposed to in your head. 
This is a great transitional class for theatre actors and an excellent foundational class for new actors.
All work is filmed, reviewed and discussed - time permitting.

**On Camera Acting II - 7 weeks (Limited to 10 actors)
Dates: September 15th - October 27th
Time: Thursdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm
The cost is $210 - $250. $210 would be for someone on a tighter budget. 
A $75 dollar deposit holds a spot. The balance is due by the second class.
Mailing address for check payments, below. Paypal payments accepted (Choose Friends or Family to avoid surcharge). 

Moving beyond "being in your skin" and finding simplicity on camera, here the focus is on script analysis, 
the "headspace" of the character, rehearsal process and auditioning. Actors are expected to up the ante, 
as we get into the hard work of acting. Know that this one will require more of your time outside of class. 
The class is especially tailored to actors who have already been through the Foundational I class, though that is not a requirement.
All work is filmed and (time permitting) viewed and discussed.

Blanche/Rooney Studio (Class Location - NOT payment address)
305 SE 3rd Ave  4th Floor
Portland, OR 97213

Address Payments To:
Ted Rooney Productions 
2834 NE 50th Ave.

Portland, OR 97213