Sunday, December 11, 2011

January classes - Updated

FULL Auditioning and Career Building (Limited to 8)
Mondays 6:30pm - 9:00pm
5 Weeks. January 9th - February 6th
Cost - $145 ($50 deposit to save a spot)

Advanced On Camera (Limited to 6)
Tuesday 6:30pm - 9pm
4 Weeks. January 3rd - January 24th
$100 ($40 to reserve a spot)

FULL Foundational On Camera Class (Limited to 8)
Wednesdays 6:30pm - 9:00pm
6 weeks. January 4th - February 8th
$175 ($50 to reserve a spot)

FULL Additional Foundational On Camera: (Limited to 8)
Sundays 3:00-5:30pm
6 weeks. January 8th - February 12th
$175 ($50 to reserve a spot)

All classes above are held at:
Vanport Square--North Building
5257 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
(N. of Alberta) 97211 (3rd Floor)

FULL Daytime Intermediate And Up On Camera (5 weeks)
Mondays 10:30am - 1pm
5 weeks. January 9th - February 6th
$155 ($50 deposit)
Held at: 3294 SE Hawthorne


This class is for actors passionate about moving their career forward. It is perfect for those who have an eye on a larger market, but also well suited to those simply wanting to be doing their best locally.
Auditioning consistently well is the key to becoming a working actor. Since there is nothing like practice---aside from learning the techniques that will enable them to be consistent---students will be practicing auditioning and interviewing in each class. However, getting work as an actor involves more than just auditioning, so students will also be learning and practicing the tools needed to get them those auditions. We will be looking at: career objectives and strategy, knowing who you are and what your selling points are, pictures and resumes and reels, networking, keeping up with contacts, getting an agent, appearance, etc. 

This class has been very successful. If you would like to hear what students experienced, I could steer you toward one or two as references.

A note: The class will take a close look at “under five” auditions--due to the current need in Portland for actors capable of “nailing” the smaller roles in TV and film.

This class is for actors who are comfortable with on camera work but looking for fine tuning. Actors must already understand how to prepare a scene and bring in a professional level audition. Actors are expected to bring in their work "camera ready" - or put another way - as far as they can take the material on their own. So, there is substantial work required. If I am unfamiliar with your work, I will need to see either see an actors reel or meet with you one on one before I can include you. Part of the objective for the class is to developing a common language. Actors that have gone through this four week class - with whom I have that "common language" - are then in the pool of actors who are welcome to come to my forthcoming drop in classes. For those classes, I am hoping to keep the price around $20 bucks per.

This is a no nonsense introduction to acting on camera. The students will start with improv and move toward scripted scene work with the goal of "being themselves in the given circumstances." Learning to listen and simply talk are emphasized. All work is filmed, so students can see for themselves where they are at. This class explains in simple terms the dos and never ever dos of film and TV acting. We will spend time discussing acting approaches, but much of the work will be focused on the plain and simple techniques of successful on camera work. And as much time as possible will be spent in front of the camera---giving students the much needed experience in building the confidence to move further on in the craft.

Friday, December 9, 2011


I am have nearly finalized my winter schedule, and I will have it up very soon. In January, I will be teaching:

** Foundational On Camera class that will likely be on Wednesdays.
** Either my Auditioning and Career Building class or just a straight Auditioning class - likely on Monday eves.
** I will hold another 4 week round of advanced on camera class for professional actors who have yet to work with me - probably Tuesdays. Each group of actors that pass through my 4 week class then enter the pool of actors who are welcome to drop in on the ongoing advanced class, for which I have yet to settle on a time slot.
** Also, I will start up my ongoing Actorcise classes in January. I am thinking of going Tuesdays at 11am instead of the Thursday group.

** I am excited about offering a free audition seminar to serve the community. For this I will be accepting video audition submissions. I will limit the workshop to ten people of my choosing. This will likely happen in late January.

If you are not on the update email list and wish to be, drop me a note. Otherwise check back here for my new schedule.