Friday, December 9, 2011


I am have nearly finalized my winter schedule, and I will have it up very soon. In January, I will be teaching:

** Foundational On Camera class that will likely be on Wednesdays.
** Either my Auditioning and Career Building class or just a straight Auditioning class - likely on Monday eves.
** I will hold another 4 week round of advanced on camera class for professional actors who have yet to work with me - probably Tuesdays. Each group of actors that pass through my 4 week class then enter the pool of actors who are welcome to drop in on the ongoing advanced class, for which I have yet to settle on a time slot.
** Also, I will start up my ongoing Actorcise classes in January. I am thinking of going Tuesdays at 11am instead of the Thursday group.

** I am excited about offering a free audition seminar to serve the community. For this I will be accepting video audition submissions. I will limit the workshop to ten people of my choosing. This will likely happen in late January.

If you are not on the update email list and wish to be, drop me a note. Otherwise check back here for my new schedule.


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