Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Saturday Audition Workshop

I am holding a one time ON CAMERA audition workshop at my studio from 1-4pm this Saturday the 14th. I am especially interested in attracting actors who have not been to many or any workshops and who do not know me. You experienced workshoppers are not the ones who really need the workshops! :-) Have you resisted class, but are still getting callbacks without booking? Come to me for an honest opinion on where you are at and tips to help you improve. Everyone will audition, and get feedback and get to watch your audition on the big screen. 

Let me know asap, so I can get you some sides to choose from for your audition piece. If you would prefer to bring in your own audition material, you are welcome to. In this case, you would need to email me your sides in advance.

Email me at: tedrooney@pdx.edu to sign up.

Ted’s Audition Workshop
30 dollars
May 14th  from 1pm - 4pm
305 SE 3rd Ave, 4th floor
Portland, OR  97213

Payment can be cash or check. Credit card with a 3% surcharge.

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