Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Round of classes

To get them in before the holidays, I am starting up another round of two of my
classes--both four week sessions: Auditioning and Career Building, and
Introduction to On Camera. I will post days and times soon. However, I would
really like to give interested folks a chance to weigh in on time slots, as I
don't yet feel I have my finger on the pulse of things here. Time frames for me
are Monday morning - afternoon. Thursday and Friday afternoons, and Tuesday
evening. Those of you that might be interested in one of these classes, please
let me know your preference. I will also be needing an assistant for the
Audition and Career Building class, for half off the tuition.

My first class of the Audition and Career Building just finished and it was such
a success with the students, that we are going to continue to meet and keep the
good thing going. It is certainly a class for actors that are set on upping the
anti acting career wise. Along with the audition practice and training, we take
a serious approach to developing your business. If you are interested, I can put
you in contact with one of the students to give their perspective on the class.

The Intro class can be for actors who are wanting to cover the basics in on
camera work, and that can include stage actors that are wanting to make that
transition to camera work. Aside from discussion and practicing the nuts and
bolts of on camera acting (including auditioning), we slowly transition from
just being yourself in front of the camera to bringing yourself into the
character with scripted dialogue.

Both classes will be offered after the holidays, as well, in their ideal six
week form.

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  1. I wish I lived in Portland. I'd pay the money just to hang out with you. Gilmore girls is my all time favorite show and you were fantastic on that. Totally stalker, but I'm going to be in Portland on friday with my sister and it would be so totally awesome if I ran into you. That would make the trip perfect. You gonna be in area? :) Looking forward to the other projects coming out and excited I was able to find your blog :)Take care!